Tik Tak Pukinmäki

Tik Tak Pukinmäki is a two group kindergarten based on two separate age brackets – a one to three    (1-3) years old group and a three to five years old group. Both groups in Pukinmäki are Finnish-Russian language multilingual groups. Our groups can fit up to a total of 12 children at a time, and always have at least one Finnish speaking as well as one Russian speaking adult present at all times.

Our Pukinmäki kindergarten is situated in eastern Helsinki, alongside the Kehä I ring road and 200 meters walk from the Pukinmäki train station. 

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Our groups and opening hours :

tik tak Pukinmäki:

minutki (1-3v) - 07.30 - 16.30

strelki (3-5v) - 07.30 - 17.00

Madetojankuja 2 C ja 5 G, 00720 Helsinki

tik tak Vaarala:

Lähdepuistontie 13, 01230 Vantaa

More detailed information on opening hours updated in the near future.


For inquiries on open spots in our daycares please contact us directly

+358 45 314 4128

+358 50 4202106





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